Helmet Music Challenge 2019

The Helmet Music Challenge da capo! The 2019 remix!

Since 2015 the Helmet Reading Challenge has inspired people to find something new and interesting to read, as well as share it with others. In 2018 also music lovers were invited to search for and share new listening experiences. The challenge was met with enthusiasm by more than 800 participants.

The next Music Challenge compiled by the Helmet Libraries will start soon. You will have another 50 ways to choose something new to listen to from the multitude of all the music in the world. So, here we go again, do come along!

What is the Music Challenge?

You will listen to 50 songs / compositions / tracks / releases / albums previously unknown to you during the course of the year 2019.

For whom?

The Music Challenge is suitable for anyone, and everyone can tackle it in their own way, either by staying safely in one’s own comfort zone or by heading bravely for the uncharted grounds. The challenge is an excellent way to update one’s musical knowledge, reach for new experiences, test or broaden one’s tastes, or just enjoy music!


You can take up the challenge at your own speed, but you can also advance in the given order week by week. In addition, a new listening tip will be given weekly in the Music Challenge Facebook group by the library staff. You may also share what you’ve experienced musically and discuss it with your fellow adventurers in the group.

Come dive for musical pearls! Find the pleasure of listening, venture out with music, take up the Music Challenge!

Helmet Music Challenge 2019

  1. A reggae album
  2. A performer or a composer previously unknown to you
  3. Music that is or has been banned somewhere sometime
  4. A piece of music from each of Finland’s neighbouring countries (Sweden, Norway, Russia)
  5. Two versions of a classic album (the original and a remastered/deluxe version)
  6. Finnic peoples’ traditional laments (= itkuvirret)
  7. Ukulele music
  8. Music recommended by your neighbour
  9. Marching band music
  10. Music from your favourite holiday destination
  11. Music that comforts you when you’re sad
  12. Music for a preparty
  13. A string quartet
  14. Music that was important to you as a teenager
  15. Bagpipe music
  16. Music composed by a bass player
  17. Instrumental music
  18. Train-themed music
  19. A piano concerto composed for one hand
  20. Music related to a particular town or neighbourhood
  21. An album that’s not on Spotify
  22. An album released 50 years ago (in 1969)
  23. An ECM Records release
  24. An album that has a transport vehicle on the cover
  25. A one-hit wonder
  26. Music composed by Hildegard of Bingen
  27. A children’s music classic
  28. Music with a climate theme
  29. A live recording
  30. A podcast by a music journalist
  31. Music related to a historical or political event
  32. Music you like but would rather not admit to
  33. A piece composed for solo double bass
  34. Music from a musical
  35. Doom metal
  36. A record with a pink sleeve
  37. The original version of a more famous cover song
  38. A posthumous piece of music
  39. Music performed by a wind orchestra
  40. Music recommended by someone under the age of 10
  41. Music by a group that’s still performing in its original line-up
  42. Music by an artist whose image you find irritating
  43. An animal-themed piece of music
  44. Pop music performed by a classical artist
  45. A record self-released by the artist
  46. Music recommended by a librarian
  47. Computer-made music
  48. Your family member’s favourite music
  49. Music to fall asleep to
  50. ‘Atypical’ Christmas music