Mosaiikki Library to open on October 5

The name of Kivistö Library is changed into Mosaiikki Library. Mosaiikki Library will open on October 5, 2023, in the Mosaiikki urban culture center in Kivis shopping mall. In the beginning, the library will only have a limited number of services, including returning loaned items, picking up loans, as well as customer terminals. This brochure tells what the new library will have when it is opened in its entirety at the end of 2023.

Mosaiikki urban culture center

Mosaiikki urban culture center is situated on the second floor of Kivis shopping mall. Its biggest permanent actors are the city library, youth services and cultural services. Other partners consist of, among others, local organizations and residents.

The different actors of Mosaiikki form a joint entity. The name of the urban culture center reflects cooperation between different organizations, but also between residents. At the same time, the name mirrors the stone theme, typical of the Kivistö area.

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The library material increases, when the library moves to the new premises. New items in the library include console games, movies, comics, and sheet music. In addition, the library will have a rainbow shelf presenting HLBTQ material, as well as a plain-language shelf based on easy-to-access material. The plain-language shelf will consist of, among other things, plain-language books and brochures related to Celia, a national library for accessible literature and publishing in Finland.

The library's newspaper and magazine selection will also increase, based on customers’ versatile requests.  Handicraft magazines can be both loaned and read at the library. The patterns and instructions can be utilized when working at Värkkäämö. 

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Half of the premises of the new library can be reserved by residents and organizations, as well as used independently. Planning of the premises aimed at accounting for different age groups and accessibility. The premises will have up-to-date and easy-to-use sound reproduction and audiovisual equipment. For example, the library has a digibox—consisting of a media workstation for image and video processing—that can be booked.

The library also has multi-facility premises; space that can be divided into three smaller rooms. At its maximum, it can accommodate 100 people. It can be used for different events, and different associations and resident groups can reserve the premises, for example, for having meetings.

Work premises are situated to the north of the library hall, meant for quiet work such as studying, reading, or working. Family premises lie at the back of the library hall. The family premises have material for children, a microwave oven, a water faucet, as well as tables for eating snacks. Moreover, there is also a crawling area for the very smallest family members, as well as the reading hut, which was also on the old premises.

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Makerspace Värkkäämö translates into premises for doing and testing, open to everybody. People can learn new things, share their knowhow, experiment, and get interested in new things. You can use a vinyl cutter, 3D printer, overlocker, sewing machine, and industrial sewing machine in Värkkäämö. It will also consist of various items—such as tools—that customers can borrow.

In addition to the equipment, Värkkäämö offers space for myrial handicrafts such as knitting or hobby crafts. Low-threshold introductory workshops and instruction in using the devices will also take place there. In addition to library-provided activities, organizations and volunteers can arrange activities open to everybody in Värkkäämö. We offer the opportunity to participate in volunteer work, for instance, as a peer device instructor or supervisor of various workshops.

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