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Using the libraries during the corona virus epidemic

Loan services will resume in Helmet libraries in phases on 8 May, after which the libraries are open with limited services until 1 June 2020. Check the date when your library will open from the library’s web page.

You can only pick up reserved items and borrow and return items. In some libraries, it is only possible to pick up reserved items. In May, you should use the services as swiftly as possible, which means that you cannot spend extra time in the premises, read magazines, use the computers or access the reading hall.

Loans will not expire between 18 January and 31 May 2020. This also applies to new loans and materials which are normally subject to a loan period of two weeks. 

From June, all loans will expire incrementally. You can check the expiration dates of your loans from the loan receipt or by logging into your account in the Helmet search or the Taskukirjasto application. 

This does not apply to items that are under debt collection. If a loan has expired before 18 January 2020, it may be under debt collection, which means that the loan cannot be renewed. Please contact the library in order to verify the situation. 


Any reserved items that were not picked up in March due to the closing of the libraries can be picked up from the libraries that are to be opened between 8/11 May and 14 May 2020. If you cannot find a reserved item in the reserved items section, please contact the staff. 

New reservations can be made from 11 May 2020 onwards. You can also reserve items you have stored in a note or cancel any reservations you have made. 

Reservation notifications and due date notifications 

We will continue to send due date notifications and reminders and notifications to pick up new reservations in May. 

Library card and PIN-code

You can renew a forgotten PIN code on the Helmet login page if your customer information contains an email address.

You can obtain a temporary customer id for the access to e-library by sending a request to the address Temporary customer id is valid until 31 May, 2020.

The temporary library cards for schools, day care centers and other such institutions that were to expire in January-May 2020, have been extended until 31 May, 2020. Should it be that a temporary card for an institution has expired before 1 Jan 2020, can it be extended by request of the person in charge of the card. Please contact your local library.

The temporary library cards for private use that were to expire in January-May 2020, have been extended until 31 May, 2020. Should your temporary card have been expired before 1 Jan 2020, please contact your local library for renewal. Your library card is temporary if you are under 18 or you do not have a Finnish social security number.

A new, permanent library card and the first PIN code can only be obtained by presenting an identity card at the library. 

Check lists

You can save items to your check list.

See instructions on how to use the check list. 

See instructions on how to use the check list in the traditional search.


Helmet chat is open on weekdays from 10 am to six pm when libraries are closed during the corona epidemic.

E-library is open

We recommend you to get familiar with e-materials of libraries. You can use them with your library card and pin-code. 

Libraries in Espoo, Kauniainen, Helsinki and Vantaa have alternative cultural, library and sports services and youth services. Information on alternative services can be found on the websites of the cities.

Read more on the website of the City of Espoo.

Read more on the website of the City of Kauniainen.

Read more on the website of the City of Helsinki.

Read more on the website of the City of Vantaa.

Each library follows procedures of their respective cities.