Books on a shelf.

Using the libraries during the corona virus epidemic

The services of the Helmet libraries will be available almost normally. The summer opening hours and services vary by library, so we recommend checking them on your library’s website.

Restrictions on the number of allowed visitors remain in place, and self-service hours are not available in the summer. Please maintain a safe distance of 1–2 metres to both the employees and other customers. All libraries have ensured safe distances by the service counters by re-arranging furniture, for example.

The library card is personal, but you may use the services on behalf of another person (e.g. to pick up their reservation) when you present their library card and a power of attorney at the library’s customer service. The power of attorney may be single-use or valid until further notice. It needs to include information on the business it has been granted for.

If you cannot visit a library and no one can visit the library on your behalf, or another matter is preventing you from using the library, please contact your local library. We will look into the situation with you.


Borrowing and returning items, picking up reservations, magazines and newspapers, reservations and renewals.

Due dates

Loans will fall due in stages starting from 1 June 2020. You can check your due dates by logging into your account in the Helmet search.

We will start sending due date notifications and reminders in early June.

Late fees will start accumulating for the materials due in June in accordance with the library rules. We recommend using online payments and paying by card in the libraries. In some libraries, paying by card is the only payment method available.

Library card and PIN

The temporary e-library credentials granted in spring will continue to be valid until the end of June. However, new temporary credentials will not be created in June. You can get a new library card and PIN when you present an ID document in the library. If you have forgotten your PIN, you can reset it on the Helmet login page if you have entered an email address in your customer information.

Restricted availability:

Computers and equipment

Computers (with both printing and scanning available) are available in most libraries.

A restricted number of other equipment and devices are available. Please check the situation on your library’s website. Please follow the instructions provided by your library when using any devices.


Many library facilities can be booked from 1 June onwards. When booking a facility, please check any restrictions on the number of persons or other matters.

The number of seats in the reading halls have been reduced. The users of other working facilities are instructed to keep safe distances to other users. Safe distances are also created by re-arranging furniture whenever possible.


The self-service hours are not available in the summer. Please check the situation on your library’s website in August.

Many toys and games, some equipment, headsets, VR glasses, etc.

Individual libraries may also have other restrictions on which they will provide specific instructions.

Libraries opening hours.