Heureka visits the library

Finnish Science Centre Heureka will visit Vantaa libraries during 2023 and bring the joy of insight! The themes of the visits will focus on exhibitions currently on show in Heureka. The spring library visits have either play or catastrophes as themes. There will be an interesting science guest, a Heureka workshop, and much more! The events are suitable for people of all ages and free of charge. Language of the main events is Finnish, but you can participate in the workshops also in English. Welcome! 

Heureka's library visits will take place during the autumn on the following dates: 

Lumo Library, September 28 at 17.30–18.30, theme: natural disasters

Hakunila Library, October 5 at 17.30–18.30, theme: natural disasters

Point Library, November 9 at 17.30–18.30, theme: play

Tikkurila Library, November 15 at 17.30–18.30, theme: play