FAQ - Troubleshooting

I forgot my PIN code, what should I do?

Provided you have given us your email address, you can access the password recovery function:

Reset PIN

In the case we do not have your email address, we shall change your PIN code at the service desk of any Helmet library. Please bring your ID with you.

I lost my library card, what should I do?

Report the loss of your library card immediately to any Helmet library. When libraries are closed, you can phone the number 09-3108509. Leave a message on the answerphone giving your name, social security number, and the reason you are calling.

You are not responsible for the loans that have been checked out on your card after you have reported the card lost. A cancelled card cannot be reissued. A new card is liable to charge.

If items have been checked out on your lost or stolen library card without your permission, make sure to cancel your card. If necessary, report the crime to police with a report of an offence that states the unlawful use of your card, and list the damages that have been caused.

Our user regulations state that you are responsible for all items checked out on your card. Therefore you must compensate for lost or damaged items checked out on your card even if the damages are caused by another if they have been checked out before you have cancelled your library card. Check whether your home insurance covers the damages.

A library book was damaged or CD was lost, what should I do?

Contact a Helmet library in the city that owns the damaged or lost item. If that is inconvenient to you, you may also attend to the matter in the Helmet libraries of the other cities of the capital region.

A damaged or lost item is no longer viable for checking out, so it must be compensated with the purchase price or a firm compensation price [linkki].

In most cases it is possible to arrange to compensate the item with a new copy of the item. However, films are an exception because these require lending rights.

Why did I receive a notice concerning an item I have returned or a reservation I have already checked out?

Library notice letters are delivered in 2nd class mail. Therefore, if you have chosen to get your library notifications by post and not by email, they can occasionally arrive after you have returned your loans or checked out your reservations.

I received a letter from a collection agency concerning unreturned loans. What should I do?

Unreturned loans are transferred to a collection agency ca. 60 days after due date. At this stage you have also lost the right to check out library material.

Read carefully the instructions in the letter. The sum you have to pay depends on whether or not you are still able to return your loan. Make sure you receive a receipt from your returned loans.

Pay the collection agency what you owe. You will regain the right to loan material when the collection agency notifies library that you have settled the payment.