Loan periods and fees

Loan periods

General loan period 28 days
Bestsellers 14 days
The most demanded music CDs 14 days
DVDs and Blu-ray discs 14 days
Console games 14 days
Objects 1-28 days (depending on the object)
E-materials 1-14 days (depending on the service)

Joint fees charged by Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen and Vantaa  City Libraries

Overdue fees
Overdue fee/day/adult item/loan 0,20 €
Maximum overdue fee/loan 6,00 €
Replacing a lost or damaged library card 3,00 € (adults) 2,00 € (under 15 years of age)

Maximum outstanding debt
You will lose your borrowing rights if your outstanding debt is 30,00 € or more.

Compensating for items and paying the fees
You will have to compensate for lost or damaged material by paying a price which is charged according to the item’s value registered in the library’s database. If you wish to substitute a similar item for the material lost or damaged, you will have to settle each case separately with the library. You cannot substitute a similar item for a video cassette, blu-ray disc, DVD, CD-ROM or console game. These must always be compensated for by paying the price mentioned below. The library will not refund the compensation price even if you later find the material you have compensated for. You can pay the fees (except for collection) at any Helmet library or online The library will not refund any fees paid.

Compensation prices for lost or damaged materials
DVD, Blu-ray disc, console game / adults’ material: 42,00 € / item
DVD, Blu-ray disc, console game / children’s material: 17,00 € / item
Single magazine / adults’ material: 5,00 € / copy
Single magazine / children’s material: 3,00 € / copy

Compensation prices for all other materials will be charged according to the item’s value registered in the library’s database. However, a minimum of 17,00 € will be charged for items from the adults’ department, and a minimum of 9,00 € for children’s material.

Compensation prices for packages
Jewel case for CD: 1,70 € / item
Other folders and cases: 3,50 € / item

Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen and Vantaa City Libraries transfer their outstanding fees to be collected by the collection office Lindorff Oy approximately 60 days after the due date. With effect from 1.4.2014 the collection concerns items borrowed by a person 18 years of age or older. The collection office invoices city-specific compensation fees, its own collection fees and the legal penalty interest for the item.

Copies and prints

Printing fees:

Espoo free of charge

Vantaa free of charge 1 Apr – 31 Dec 2017

Kauniainen 0,40 euros/page

Helsinki: PDF (in finnish)

Products for sale
Plastic bag: 0,40 €
Canvas bag: 2,50 €
Books withdrawn from the collections: 0,20 € – 35,00 € / item
Other potential products for sale are priced separately by the library.

Other fees

Text messages
Your mobile phone operator will charge a fee for hold pickup notices and due date reminders sent as text messages. The instructions for activating the service are to be found at the site Hold pickup notice and due date reminder

Interlibrary loan fee
Please check the library-specific interlibrary fees at the site Interlibrary loan fees.

A fax service is available at some libraries in Helsinki. Please check the availability at Libraries and services.

Fees for fax services in Helsinki:
Sending a fax in Finland: 1,00 € / page
Sending a fax to Europe: the first page 5,00 €, the following pages 2,00 € / page
Sending a fax outside Europe: the first page 6,00 €, the following pages 2,00 € / page