Kuvassa esillä Monikielisen kirjaston tekemiä vinkkilistoja kurdiksi, arabiaksi, somaliksi ja esikoululaisille.

Get on the Reading Ferris Wheel in the summer of 2023.

Experience unforgettable reading adventures.

A new device has arrived at the Story Carneval. It was gigantic and it was spinning. The whole Lukujengi, i.e. Flea the sheep, Sylvi the dog, Worm the snake, Moona the pony and Touho the cat, stood in front of the device. Read the whole story in Finnish!

Reading gang (Lukujengi) and Reading Ferris Wheel is a library summer reading campaign aimed at families and children. During the campaign, books are borrowed and Lukujengi characters are collected onto the campaign pass available from the library. How many characters can you collect during the summer?

Reading gang (Lukujengi) and Reading Ferris Wheel have a book tip list of interesting Arabic childrens´ and youngster´s books, compiled by Riitta Hämäläinen of the Multilingual Library and the Helsinki Mobile Library´s Salwa Bra Ep Berich.

Reading Ferris Wheel also has a tip list of Ukrainian kids´ books.

All the books on the tip lists can be borrowed from your closest library.

See other tip lists published by the Multilingual Library. If you have suggestions about the topics or languages for tip lists, please let us know: monikielinen.kirjasto@hel.fi.

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