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Sello Library

Kirjaston työntekijä asiakaspalvelutiskin takana. Tiskillä on käsidesipullo.
Library with happenings. Library where the sky is the only limit.

Welcome - but only when you are healthy! If you are unable to visit the library, you can call us.

We recommend that everyone aged 15 or older wear a mask unless you are unable due to health reasons. Please keep a safe distance from others and take care of good hygiene.

Some of the library services are closed or only in limited use. Instruction in person on the use of equipment is currently not provided. You can check the availability of different services from the library for example by calling.

Espoo City Library

Pictures from Sello Library


Sello Library has 5 800 m² in two floors.
When entering the ground floor you will find on your left the Service Area and on your right our Lounge and stage  where various interesting discussions, musical & literary evenings and events take place. Events and seminars are free of charge. Take a seat and spend a few minutes listening  - or the entire session for that matter.

The lounge is the place for meeting friends and colleagues. Or simply for resting your feet, reading, sitting and knitting. Or you can work with your laptop. Free WiFi is at your disposal..

Hang out with our young patrons and feel young again. The Young have found our Pointti. It is their territory. It is for relaxing, playing all sorts of games, finding interesting books, creating events in co-operation with the library staff or just hanging around. No need to borrow a book!

On the first floor you can find also Makerspace, Music department and Children's Land

The second floor is a paradise for book-loving patrons who need a lovely place to read and study.  Get comfy on a nice modern chair or a sophisticated sofa, the choice is yours. Should you desire quiet space for studying and working, we provide that for you.

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