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Contact information

Sellon kirjasto

Leppävaarankatu 9

02600 Espoo

Postal address

Sellon kirjasto

P.O. Box 3611

02070 Espoo


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Books, films, periodicals
Children (ages 0-12)
Customer service
Event coordinator, events and art exhibitions: /
Guided tours
Interlibrary service (
Interlibrary service in Russian
Lending services
Library Service Manager Merja Pihlajamäki (Leppävaara district)
Music and Makerspace
On-call service manager
Pointti - Youth (ages 12-20)
Russian Library - Library Service Manager Merja Pihlajamäki
School co-operation: Timo Ylönen
Spaces: Info:
Swedish speaking contact: Ida Söderlund. ida.soderlund(at)

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