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Reading dog Fila in Children's Land


I'm  Fila. I like cuddles and listening. If you are just learning to read or reading is a little tricky, you could read for me. I just love to listen without criticism, comments or grading.

Everyone is welcome to pet me!


Fila can be reached in Children's Land every second Sunday (except 8.9. and 15.9.)  at 11-13:

25.8.   22.9.   6.10.    20.10.    3.11.   17.11.   1.12.   15.12.    29.12.

You can also book your own reading time for Fila, 15 min, at the Children's Land


Children's Land (Sello Library)

9/22/2019 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Last updated 8/23/2019