Makerspace in Sello Library

Makerspace is located on the 1st floor next to the Music Department. Included in Makerspace are computers and a printer for patrons’ use. Short link to this page:

The following devices can be found in Makerspace:

3-D printers, vinyl cutter, laminator, badge machine, sewing machine, ironing board and iron, heat press, an image processing engine, image scanner.

Please book time online: 
Only one reservation for a specific device can be made at a time. A new reservation can be made only when the previous reservation has been finished. If you can’t make it to your reservation, be sure to cancel the appointment! Phone 09 8165 7607 if you need help.

NB: If you need a tutorial on how to use the device, please reserve the time for it at the desk of Sello paja or phone 09 816 57607.

Makerspace offers its patrons with the opportunity to use and experiment with a wide variety of equipment. Whether you’re alone or with staff, we learn by trial and error in Makerspace. The Makerspace devices are also free of charge! You can get help how to use these devices in Makerspace.

Equipment Available for Use:

3D Printers: Makerspace has three Ultimaker printers available for use. Small objects can be printed. PLA is used for printing plastic and is made from renewable materials and biodegradable plastic yarn. Nozzle 0,4 mm.

Slide and Negative Scanner: Our scanner is a Canon CanoScan 9000F. It is a flatbed scanner with film and slide adapters for A4-sized images. The adapter allows you to scan slides and negatives into 4 pieces at a time. The adapter is 12x35mm sized slides. Resolution can be set from 25-19 200 dpi.

Image Processor: the media workstation is a Mac computer andthe software package is iMac Adobe Creative Cloud. This package includes Photoshop, Premiere Pro, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and a Wacom drawing screen.

Sewing Machine: Bernina 1008

Vinyl cutter: The device is Roland GX-24 with a material width of 61 cm max. The vinyl cutter can cut labels/decals (up to 61 cm) or heat transfers (up to 50 cm). The heat transfers can be pressed on a cotton or linen fabric using a heat press in Makerspace.  Heat press for the Blue Line Press Size: 40 cm x 50 cm.

Some tools can be borrowed at Makerspace see more on  Services