Exploring Outdoors with Kirjastokurre

Kirjastokurre is a very busy squirrel, who lives in a tree outside a library. Unlike other squirrels, this one hoards books rather than acorns. Celebrating the Houkutus Literary Festival, Espoo City Library has just published a special mobile game in cooperation with Kirjastokurre. Perfect for families, the game is available on all platforms, encouraging you to explore the outdoors and learn about nature. The game can be played in English, Finnish, Swedish or Russian.

To play the game in English on Seppo.io, use the code AA312A.

Sometimes it can be tricky finding something to read, especially if you can’t browse the books and actually see or feel the covers. Kirjastokurre’s social media accounts on Instagram and YouTube share everything from book lists to online story hours. 

Kirjastokurre also wanted to share a few helpful resources. Don’t forget reserving is easy and free. The Taskukirjasto (Pocket Library) app makes it even easier, as it allows accessing the catalogue anywhere and anytime. You can even use the app as your library card.

Kurre's tips:

A very special list of Kirjastokurre's Nature Books for you (opens a separate PDF tab)

A list of the Best kids’ books in English in 2020

The Helmet Story Diploma for Families and Groups

The Helmet English Reading Diploma for Grades 1-2

Countless E-books and magazines on Libby, both browser and app version available.           (Note: Choose Helsinki City Library as your home library and enter you card details)