Frequently asked questions - E-magazines

Where can I find information about all the e-magazines available through Helmet libraries?

Non of the magazines or newspapers are catalogued into the Helmet database. The collections of PessReader and ePress you can only see on the services’ own websites.

How far back do newspaper archives go?

Epress has an archive of 24 months. In PressReader, the length of the archive varies, but in general you can read newspapers for 2-4 months from the day of publication. At best, the length of the archive is years.

How often are magazine collections updated?

Library has no say in the collection of PressReader. Epress (former eMagz) is updated approximately once a year.

Why am I sometimes asked to pay for content in PressReader?

If your login is no longer valid, PressReader asks you to pay for magazines. You can activate your login in two ways.

  1. Go to your nearest library, log in to the library’s wifi and open the PressReader service in your browser or the PressRader app. Thus Helmet Libraries give you several weeks of continuous off-site access to PressReader.
  2. Log in to the service with your library card and PIN code. Make sure that you are also connected to the HotSpot: If you’re using PressReader in a browser, check that the coffee cup icon on top of the page is green. If it is not, tap it and thus activate the HotSpot. If you’re using the application, go to the settings, choose HotSpot and activate or enable it. If you are still not able to access the magazines, log out from PressReader and log back in.

Why has a magazine’s subscription in PressReader been discontinued?

Magazines and newspapers may drop out of PressReader at any time. For example, the publisher may withdraw it from the service. The library does not receive any notification should this happen.

Why am I not able to log in to PressReader app with my library card and PIN code?

If the app does not offer the possibility to log in with a library card, do as follows. First, open the PressReader website in a browser, log in with your library card number and PIN code, click on you name and then on Manage account. Add an email address and a password to your details. Then start the app and log in with the email and password you just added.

As I sign in to PressReader, I receive a notification saying that this account is already in use. What should I do?

Sometimes PressReader claims that the account is already in use. The problem will be resolved when you clear your browser’s cache and delete the cookies.