Instructions for e-book and e-audiobook services

As Helmet libraries' customer you have access to two e-book services and three e-audiobook services.

To borrow e-books, you will need a Helmet library card and a PIN code, a device suitable for reading, and internet access. If you want to download e-books onto your own device, you will also need an app or a reader application. Below you will find device specific instructions. 

Read books in a browser

The easiest way to read e-books is directly in a web browser. Then you do not need any separate e-book reader software or application on your device, nor any other user account besides your library card and PIN code.

Browser reading is possible on computers and mobile devices with an internet connection and the latest version of your browser. We advise you to use either Firefox, Chrome or Safari depending on your device.

Most e-books are browser readable. However, the books in PDF format cannot be read in browsers. If browser reading is not possible, borrowing alternatives do not include ”Read” or "Read in browser". These books you can read only by downloading them onto your device.

Listen to audiobooks

You can listen to e-audiobooks in the browser or in the different services' own applications. You can download audiobooks to an app and listen to them without an internet connection. See below for more information about the apps.

Also check out the instructions for audiobooks in Naxos Spoken Word Library.

Read and listen in the app

All e-book services have apps designed for iOS and Android mobile devices. The apps are free and you can download them from your device’s app store. Depending upon the e-book service, the app might not include e.g. e-books or some of the titles in PDF format. You can find all titles, however, on the website of each service.

You can borrow and use Finnish e-books and audiobooks in the Ellibs app. Once you have downloaded an audiobook to the app or borrowed an e-book, you can also use them in the app when offline. Additional information about the Ellibs app.

OverDrive service has an app called Libby. It has excellent usability and natutally works both on ebooks and e-audiobooks.

Downloading e-books onto your own device

When you have downloaded e-books onto your own device, you can read them without internet connection. All the e-books available through the Helmet library are copyright protected and can only be opened with a reader application that recognizes the copyright protection used. The reader application you need depends on your device. You can read further instructions below.

 E-audiobooks can only be downloaded to each service's own app.

We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser. If you have an iOS device, you need to download large e-audiobooks (over 100 MB) via wifi connection.

Adobe account

In addition to the reader application, you will need an Adobe account, which allows you to open the protected e-book file. We advise you to save the Adobe user ID to the reader app before trying to download any books. You can create an Adobe account free of charge on the Adobe website.

Create an Adobe account
More information about the Adobe account

When you launch the e-book reader application for the first time, authorize the app with your Adobe user ID (email and password). The authorization is done only once and in the future, the app opens automatically with your user ID. You can use the same Adobe user ID to log onto six different devices or reader applications.

Downloading e-books onto tablets or smartphones

With iOS and Android devices, you can download e-books onto the Aldiko Book Reader application if you want. Download the app from your device’s app store and authorize it with your Adobe user ID. OverDrive’s books and audiobooks can also be downloaded into OverDrive’s own apps which do not need an Adobe account.

On Windows tablets and phones you cannot use OverDrive app Libby but you can use Libby app in your browser: 

Downloading e-books to computers

With Windows and Mac computers, you can download e-books onto Adobe Digital Editions ebook reader software. You must first authorize it with your Adobe user ID.

Download Adobe Digital Editions  
Read the Adobe Digital Editions installing instructions on the Ellibs website

E-book readers

You can read library's e-books with most of the e-reader devices currently available on the market. Kindle is incompatible with library’s e-books, as it uses Amazon's own file and digital copyrights protection formats.

E-books can be copied to e-book readers via your computer or directly from the particular e-book service, if your e-book reader has an internet connection and the possibility to download from the internet. Please check the instructions in your e-book reader's manual.

If you copy e-books to an e-book reader via your computer, you must first install Adobe Digital Editions to the computer. To authorize the Adobe Digital Editions software, you will need an Adobe account. The software must be authorized with the same Adobe user ID you used to authorize your e-book reader with. Your e-book reader's manual will have detailed instructions on how to transfer e-books to your reader.

Download Adobe Digital Editions


If you run into any problems not covered by the instructions, you can reach us by email at Please describe the problem and also tell us what devices and software or apps you were using. In problems pertaining to Ellibs, you can contact Ellibs’ technical support directly at

Photo: Maarit Hohteri / City of Helsinki