helps you to find speakers of any language

Are you learning a new language but have nobody to speak it with? 

Check out – an application in Finnish that helps you to find (native) speakers of any language. With Lango you can also help others to learn. is an application in Finnish that will help you to find fellow learners as well as (native) speakers of any language. 

Lango is free of charge and it can be used by mobile phones as well as tablets and computers.  

To use Lango you need to sign in with Facebook. Then create your Lango-profile and add the languages you already speak and the ones you want to learn. 

Lango will match the speakers and the learners based on their language profiles. Users of Lango can send messages within the app or meet for example in the library or via Skype.  

Should you need any assistance using the, our staff in Helmet libraries is glad to help you. Check out also Lango.kielikaveri in Facebook.  

Lango can also be a great tool for Finnish language cafés and discussion groups.

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