Kivenlahden kirjasto

Kivenlahti library is closed from 5th of June until further notice

Kivenlahti library is closed indefinitely on June 5th 2017 because of indoor air quality problems. Improvements to indoor air quality were made from October to November 2016, and the ventilation systems were cleaned during spring 2017, but these measures have not been helpful enough to stop Kivenlahti library customers suffering from indoor air quality related symptoms. We will investigate further, what kind of measures are needed to be able to open the library again.

All material borrowed at Kivenlahti library can be returned to any other Helmet library and mobile library.

Reservations will be moved to Iso Omena library in Iso Omena Service Centre for picking up. If the reservation is not yet ready for pickup, the customer can change the pickup library to any other Helmet library by signing into their personal record on Helmet pages.

Mobile library to replace the services of the closed library

Espoonlahti area has had three stops for the mobile library at Ruorimiehenkatu 5, Amiraalin puistotie 10 and Ristiniementie 34. Beginning from week 23, we have a whole new stop servicing the Kivenlahti area, where we will stop on Tuesdays from 3 pm to 7 pm. The address is Meriusva 3. These visits will continue also during the regular mobile library summer break between June 22nd and July 30th. However, on the 13 of June we will not be there and on the 20th of June the time is from 3 pm to 5 pm.

We will inform about the location of the new mobile library stop and the more detailed timetable as soon as possible. They will be added to the mobile library route and timetable application Kulkuri as well.

Kulkuri has all the info on the stops and timetables for the mobile library, also in English:

The closest libraries

The closest libraries in the area after June 5th are:

Nöykkiö library, Oxfotintie 4.
Customer service Mon, Tue, Thu 14–20 | Wed, Fri, Sat 8.30-16
Self-service Fri-Sat 7-20 and Sun-Thu klo 7-22. 

Saunalahti library, Brinkinmäentie 1
Mon-Thu 15–20 | Fri 14-18 Closed 4-31 July

Soukka library, Soukantie 4
Mon–Thu 8.30–20 | Fri, Sat 8.30–16

All Helmet libraries opening hours and contact information

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the closing of the library.