Presidential palace

You can vote in advance in library

You can vote in advance in presidential election in many of the Metropolitan area libraries. 

In Finland, the advance voting takes place between 17 and 23 January 2018 (first round) and between 31 January and 6 February 2018 (possible second round). 

There are many polling stations besides the libraries. The list of all the polling stations can be found on the following website: The list of advance polling stations can also be found on the notification card sent to each voter. In a general advance polling station you can vote regardless of your municipality of residence. 

List of advance polling stations by the city:





    Voting on the actual polling day

    On the actual polling day in the first round 28 January and possible second round 11 February 2018 you can vote only on your own polling station. Your own polling station is indicated on the notification card.

    Additional information on election and voting:

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