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kahvi ja sanomalehdet


Are you studying Finnish? Are you boared with the plain contents in the textbooks and looking for more real discussion?  

Thien this group is the perfect place for you! We read and listen to the selkouutiset (news in easy Finnish), answer the questions, and discuss the news. We also discuss things and affairs in general especially about Finland and Finnish culture. Come and practice communicating in Finnish with us!

At Entresse library, there are several groups to practice Finnish language in spring of 2018.
Tue 1-2.30pm: Home in Espoo-club (from Jan. 16th)
Tue 6-7:30pm: Finnish Language Cafe (from Jan. 9th)
Wed 10:15-11:45am: Let's Read Togeter (from Jan. 17th)
Wed 2-3pm: Finnish Easy Reading Circle (from Jan. 17th)
Thu 10-11:30am: Finnish News Cafe (from Jan. 11th)
Fri 2-3:30pm: Finnish Language Cafe (from Jan. 12th)

Admission free, Welcome!

Entresse Library

12/7/2017 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Last updated 5/4/2018