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Library with happenings. Library where sky is the only limit. Library of sense and sensibility

We have organized more space for studying on the second floor of Sello Library. You can study in Akseli-hall and in Ilmari more often now. Energy Pod is in use and the carpet area is available next to it. The new reading room, a former KuvaPlus room, is now for both studying and reading journals. Study hall with 30 reading places, is dedicated only for quiet students, as before. But there is also one room now that is dedicated only to readers of journals. Welcome to study and read in the library!


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Help yourself :)

Sello Library has 5 800 m² in two floors.

When entering the ground floor you will find on your left the Service Area and on your right our fascinating Lobby where various interesting discussions, musical & literary evenings and events take place.

Events and seminars are free of charge. Take a seat and spend a few minutes listening  - or the entire session for that matter.

Lobby is the place for meeting firends and colleagues. Or simply for resting your feet, reading, sitting and knitting. Or you can work with your laptop. Free WiFi is at your disposal.

First floor is a paradise for book-loving patrons who need a lovely place to read and study.  Get comfy on a nice modern chair or a sophisticated sofa, the choice is yours. Should you desire quiet space for studying and working, we provide that for you.

We really can say that only sky is the limit.  We have roof-windows up there.

Children   - our future!

Who could deny  it- children are the future.

Why not watch our Puppet Show perform, spend time with Börje, our reading-assisting dog or or play WII-games with your family?

Our various story-hours in different languages and after-school club are very popularYouth - here and now!

Do you wanna dance?

Yes, there was a street dance and a competition last month at our library...

Hang out with our young patrons and feel young again.

The Young have found our Pointti. It is their territory. It is for relaxing, playing all sorts of games, finding interesting books, creating events in co-operation with the library staff or just hanging around.

No need to borrow a book!

Sello Library - Your Library of Sense and Sensibility