Pocket Library

Taskukirjasto (Pocket Library) is a mobile application for customers of Helmet library. Pocket Library allows you to renew your loans,  make reservations,  search material and get reading recommendations with just a few screen touches.

Pocket Library shows you the libraries' opening hours and contact information.

The service allows you to:

  • renew your loans
  • make reservations 
  • borrow and read e-books
  • get reading recommendations
  • list your favorites
  • check libraries' opening hours and contact information
  • borrow from a friend
  • borrow items with NFC-function (an experiment in Martinlaakso library) 

Martinlaakso library is experimenting with new technologies and tests are being carried out also with Pocket Library and Near Field Communication technology. Pocket Library allows you to borrow items from the intelligent self service shelf just by touching the items with your phone. To do this your phone must support NFC.

You can make reservations to all the libraries but mobile library stops. They are to be added to the app when the library system interface enables it. 

Did you forget your library card?

Pocket Library has your library card's bar code, which means that you can use it as your library card if the checkout machine accepts the bar code. If the machine does not accept the application's bar code, you can borrow your items at the customer service.

Borrow from a friend

With the Borrow from a friend function, you can borrow library books, records and movies directly from your friend. In order to use the service, you need a library card and PIN code.

Download the application

Taskukirjasto-application is free of charge and available for Windows 8.1 phones, Android and iOS mobile devices. You can download Taskukirjasto from app stores in Europe, US and Russia. 

Windows Phone / Microsoft Store

Android / Google Play

iOS / Apple Store

Privacy policy (in Finnish)

Thank you for the feedback!

You helped us to make Pocket Library better. Here's some enchancements we made: 

  • You can arrange your loans with the return date or with the name of the book.
  • The search for the libraries can be limited for example to your favorite library or libraries in your home town.  
  • You can see also the library card number with the library card's bar code. 
  • The library card's bar code stays firmly put on the screen also on iPhone and iPad.
  • The return button functions better and more logically.
  • The application asks and makes sure if you really want to remove a reservation.
  • You can see the placement of your reservations. 

You can give feedback via the application's own feedback function or by emailing it to: taskukirjasto@helmet-kirjasto.fi.