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E-magazine services provide entertainment, experiences, information and skills

Helmet library card grants you an easy access to international top magazines where and whenever you like. The library card is also the key to thousands of newspapers from all over the world. Both of our international e-magazine services, RBdigital (previously called Zinio) and PressReader, work in a browser and in their applications. For instance, you can download magazines to your device to read later when you are off-line.

On Helmet eLibrary you will find detailed instructions for using RBdigital and PressReader.

RBdigital (previously called Zinio)

OurRBdigital magazine collection includes 90 quality magazines in English. You also have access to previously subscribed issues. The service offers you magazines not only about lifestyle and entertainment but also about current affairs and economics. Moreover, the collection includes, for example, a rich variety of science and hobby magazines. Among the most popular Zinio magazines are The Economist, OK!, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Macworld.

You can browse through the magazines in the RBdigital service or read the list of RBdigital magazines for 2018. You can find all the magazines also in the Helmet libraires' catalogue by using RBdigital as your search term.

To read the magazines you need to create a user account on the RBdigital website. You can read all the magazines in your device browser or download them to a free RBdigital app.


PressReader contains thousands of international newspapers and magazines in more than 60 languages. You can use the service either in your web browser or via the free PressReader app when and wherever you like. To log in to PressReader, you only need your Helmet library card number and a PIN code. Logging in works in the same way both in the browser and the app. For further assistance, see the detailed instructions for e-magazine services.

On offer is an extensive range of newspapers, like The Guardian, The Washington Post, Le Figaro and Hufvudstadsbladet, as well as a vast selection of international magazines. For example, there is a good amount of lifestyle and hobby magazines.

You can start browsing the collection by using the country or language menus on the left side of the site. Helmet libraries cannot influence the collection, since we buy the content as a whole.

Use eMagz and ePress in libraries

eMagz offers facsimile editions of Finnish magazines and trade journals. You can use the service only on Espoo and Vantaa libraries' customer computers or via their wireless network. You have access to 117 different magazines.

In every Helmet library you can read domestic digital newspapers: ePress offers more than 220 Finnish local and regional newspapers plus some other newspapers. You can read the newspapers only on the library’s customer computers or using the library's wireless network. If you use your own computer, tablet or smartphone, log in to the library’s wireless network and open ePress – you will be signed in automatically.

The links function only in the named cities' libraries or when using the libraries' wifi.

Text: Laura Kärpijoki and Saara Leskinen

Translation: Tuija Kalke and Saara Leskinen

Photo: Unsplash.com / Anna Demianenko