Do you use the self-service library? You must now register as a user 

Only registered users will have access to the Helmet self-service libraries as of 1 November 2023, when the new self-service library rules enter into force. You can register at any Helmet library.  

Helmet libraries will introduce common self-service library rules. Starting from November, library customers will no longer have automatic access to self-service libraries. In the future, each library customer must register as a self-service library user and accept the self-service library rules. 

You can register as a self-service library customer at any Helmet library. You only have to register once, even if you use several self-service libraries. When you register as a self-service library customer, you must accept the self-service library rules. 

There is no age limit for using self-service libraries. Children under the age of 15 may use the self-service library independently with the written consent of their guardian. Children under the age of 15 may also use the self-service library if accompanied by an adult. 

Further instructions on registration and giving consent are available on the Self-service libraries’ webpage.

As a registered user, you can use any self-service library in the Helmet area. 

Why are we changing the self-service library rules? 

Each of the four cities in the Helmet area has had different self-service library rules, which will now be harmonised. Common rules will provide more clarity to the use of self-service libraries across municipal borders. 

The aim is to increase the comfort and safety of self-service libraries. Some users of self-service libraries have encountered disruptive behaviour and inappropriate use of library premises. In some cases, the library has been forced to reduce its self-service hours due to disruptive behaviour and vandalism.  

We hope that disturbances in libraries will decrease as people read the rules before registering as self-service library users. We also hope that the new rules make it easier to address problems as, for example, the rules on suspension of library privileges are harmonised. In the future, self-service hours may be extended or more libraries in the Helmet area may introduce self-service hours. 

Self-service libraries in the Helmet area 

Self-service libraries in Helsinki 

  • Herttoniemi Library 
  • Laajasalo Library 
  • Lauttasaari Library 
  • Paloheinä Library 
  • Suomenlinna Library 
  • Viikki Library 

Self-service libraries in Espoo 

  • Haukilahti Library 
  • Kalajärvi Library 
  • Karhusuo Library 
  • Kauklahti Library 
  • Laajalahti Library 
  • Laaksolahti Library 
  • Nöykkiö Library 
  • Otaniemi Library 
  • Saunalahti Library 
  • Suurpelto Library 
  • Viherlaakso Library 

Self-service libraries in Vantaa 

  • Mosaiikki Library 
  • Länsimäki Library 
  • Point Library 
  • Pähkinärinne Library 

Kauniainen Library also has self-service hours.