Helmet online service to be updated in 2023 

The Helmet.fi online service of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area libraries will be updated in 2023.  

The new online library will utilise Finna, which is a free-of-charge online service platform maintained by the National Library of Finland.

The Finna platform is used by the majority of public libraries in Finland. For example, the regional libraries of Turku (vaski.finna.fi) and the regional libraries of Tampere (piki.finna.fi) are already using the Finna library solution.

Many museums and archives have also imported some of their materials into Finna and used it to build their own online services. 

The Finna cooperation provides many benefits to users. For instance, a Finna online library service can be used to search for e-materials that are available in other Finna libraries.  

The update efforts will leverage the user survey and workshops organised in 2020. The aim is to create an even more straightforward, accessible and easy-to-use online service. The new website provides book and other recommendations in a more visual manner than before. The new online library can also be easily used on mobile devices. 

Keep an eye on relevant announcements at Helmet.fi 

More detailed information on the progress of the update will be provided at Helmet.fi over the course of 2023. Customers will also have the opportunity to try out a test version of the updated online service and provide feedback before the launch of the actual new online library. The current Helmet.fi website will remain available for the time being.  

The schedule will be specified at a later time.  


Helmet is a network of the public libraries in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries). It includes the city libraries of Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa. Helmet libraries have a joint library card, library system and online service as well as shared rules of use and collections. Helmet.fi serves more than a million residents of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The Helmet online service was accessed almost 10 million times in 2021.  

Finna is a home for Finnish cultural and scientific materials. Finna.fi brings together the collections of hundreds of museums, libraries and archives to a single address where they can be accessed quickly and easily. In addition to this, Finna is working together with its customer organisations to develop a free-of-charge platform that various operators can use to create their own electronic search or online library services, for example. 

Photo: City of Helsinki / Riikka Kantinkoski