Help us to create more gender equal and inclusive library services

The Helmet network is participating in a project, which seeks to map out the equality effects of library services on women, men, non-binary and transgender people belonging to other gender minorities.

The project is carried out by the equality and diversity consulting company Ekvalita in cooperation with experts Elina Nikulainen and Ville Tikka. The survey’s results will be used to assess the gender equality impact of library services, and to create development proposals for creating a safer library for everyone. A final seminar will be held in early 2022 to present the main insights of the report.

The data collection phase of the project will take place during weeks 40–42. The perspective of library visitors and different customer groups is a valuable and central part of the data collection. Therefore, we wish to hear from you how you experience library services and activities from a gender perspective. You can share your perspective by a) filling in a questionnaire or b) participating in a gender norm orientation.

Two people sit by a table in the library. Third person shifts through a magazine in the background.


If you’re over 18 years old and a user of library services in the Helmet-area and want to participate in creating more equal and inclusive library services, you can support us in the process by filling out the survey directed towards library visitors.The form takes 5–10 minutes to fill out. If you wish, you can also fill out a paper form in Helsinki Central Library Oodi during week 41. The Helmet-libraries will also be visited by interviewers who will conduct survey interviews with randomly sampled library visitors during the data collection stage.

Fill out the survey 

Norm orientation

In the norm orientation visitors of the library are invited to participate in a gender norm orientation. During the orientation, visitors and staff of the library will walk around the library and reflect on how the library has succeeded or failed in creating an atmosphere in which everyone, regardless of gender, feels seen, welcome and safe.

Central Library Oodi, Myyrmäki library, Lumo library, Entresse library and the Herttoniemi, Roihuvuori and Laajasalo triple library will conduct the orientations during weeks 40–42. Contact any of the libraries above if you’re interested in participating in an orientation.


Norm orienteering in Laajasalo library

Norm orienteering in Herttoniemi library 

Photo: Jonna Pennanen / City of Helsinki