Libraries will be opened 1 June up to half of the normal number of customers

Helmet libraries have offered a limited and mainly pre-reserved data lending and return service throughout the entire coronavirus period. As of Tuesday 1 June, customers at libraries will be able to pick up works directly from the shelves. 

It will also be possible to use, print, copy, and scan at customer computers in libraries. Separate group activities and reading rooms will remain closed.

Library spaces will be opened with a 50 per cent customer capacity and seating will also be reduced by half. Self-service functions at the libraries, in which case there are no staff present, will not yet be possible.

Other arrangements will also be made in library premises to ensure that safe distances are maintained, for example at computers and copy machines. All persons aged over 12 must continue to wear a face mask when visiting the library, if there is no health reason to prevent its use.

The facilities, services and equipment in use vary from library to library, so it is advisable to check them and library opening hours from your local library or on the library's website at

Services of the Helmet libraries during corona virus epidemic

Photo: Maarit Hohteri / City of Helsinki