Soukka library is permanently closed from March 1, 2022 - Q & A

Soukka library is permanently closed. 

Below you can find many of the more frequently asked questions concerning the closure of the library.

Where can I return books that I borrowed from Soukka library?

Books borrowed from Soukka library can be returned to any Helmet library in Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen or Vantaa.

What are the closest libraries to Soukka?

The nearest library is Lippulaiva library (Lippulaiva Shopping Center, 2nd floor, Espoonlahdenkatu 8).

Other libraries nearby include Iso Omena library (Iso Omena shopping center, 3rd floor, Suomenlahdentie 1), Nöykkiö library (Oxfotintie 4), and Saunalahti library (Brinkinmäentie 1). You are welcome to visit any and all Espoo libraries.

What happened to the Soukka library materials?

Soukka library’s materials were moved partly to the new Lippulaiva library collection. 

Espoo City Library offers “floating” materials, which means that libraries do not have permanent collections, but rather library material often stays at the same library where it is returned or is sent to another library for various reasons.

What happened to the Soukka library staff?

Soukka library employees were moved to other Espoo City Library locations, including the new Lippulaiva library.

Will a new library open in Soukka in the future?

Espoo’s Culture Committee has considered the possibility of opening a new small branch library location in Soukka. Further research and discussion are still in progress.

If a new library would open in Soukka, it would be smaller in size than the old Soukka library and the opening hours and services would be noticeably more limited in comparison.