The flexi customer model allows you to use library services even when you can’t visit the library

Flexi customer model makes using library services easier when you are unable to go to the library yourself. 

Visiting the library may be difficult or even impossible in some situations. Illness, disability or impaired mobility may make it difficult to access the library.

If you or your relative or friend have a hindrance that makes personal library visits difficult, you can apply for a flexi customer account. The flexi customer model means that the customer will authorise someone else to visit the library on their behalf.

Overdue fees will not be charged for the loans of flexi customers, and their outstanding fees will not be collected. However, the loan periods and renewals will be the same as for other customers.

You can register as a flexi customer at any Helmet library. To register, you need the personal information of both the authoriser and the authorised person. You can get the registration form at a library or on the website.

It remains possible to use the library services on another person’s behalf under a power of attorney. Customers may also use the home library services.

Photo: Paula Virta