Little Helmet Reading Challenge 2023

The Reading Challenge is a different path to new books and the joy of reading. No adult will choose the titles for you. You find and choose the books that match each task.

The Little Helmet Reading Challenge focuses on items of the Helmet Reading Challenge for which books can be found in the children’s and young people’s section. The Little Helmet Reading Challenge is also suitable for adults who want to choose a slightly lighter reading load.

Search, explore and make discoveries

Some of the tasks are easy, like finding a colourful book, or a book with an item of clothing in the title or on the cover. Some take more time. Could you find a book with a map? The 21st task is asking for the smallest book you can find.

Ask a friend! Sharing book tips with other readers is great fun.

How about taking up the challenge with your class?

A class that participates in the challenge can agree on its own, common rules. Will you get through the challenge together or try to complete individual lists? You can challenge another class, school or even the parents of your class.

A single class can speak and read several languages. It would be great to bring these into the challenge. How many languages can you have on your lists?

On your mark, get set, read!

A good reader gets along. As you read, you learn to understand a wide range of texts and find words for your own stories. You will understand different emotions, other people and history, and know about different times, places and customs.

It is never too late to improve your reading skills. You will grow to be a good reader as long as you practise. Choose books that suit you. Once you complete the reading challenge, you will be many pages stronger.

Little Helmet Reading Challenge 2023

1. A book with a map

2. A book about a child and grandparent

3. A book with a title that includes a plant

4. A book you were going to read last year

5. A book set underground

6. A book with a cover that includes a piece of clothing or a title that includes a garment

7. A book with instructions and advice

8. A book by an author whose name includes the same number of letters as your name

9. A book with a title that is connected to water

10. A book with a colourful cover or title

11. A book with a title that includes the word ‘and’

12. A book set in a place you have visited

13. A book about a topic you have read a lot about

14. A big book

15. A book about an athlete

16. A book that is challenging for you to read for some reason or another

17. A book that is set in the same season as when you are reading it

18. A book that has been nominated for a literature award

19. A book with a cover that includes sky or the word ‘sky’ in its title

20. A book about something you dream about

21. A book you can read in one sitting

22. A book with a title that includes at least three words

23. A book fitting a challenge item for which you have already read another book

24. A book published in 2023

25. A book recommended by library staff

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Printable version of the Reading Challenge

Printable version of the Reading Challenge without illustration

Pieni Helmet-lukuhaaste

Helmets lilla läsutmaning

Малый литературный вызов Helmet

Die Kleine Helmet Lese-Challenge

Text and choosing of the items: Marjukka Peltonen and Sini Katves, Espoo City Library;  Heli Haaro, Vanttila School and Henna Ylihärsilä