Other fees

Copies and prints

Printing costs are city-specific. 

Printing fees:

In Espoo, the printing and copying fee is €0.20 per page. In some cases, customers may be offered up to 20 free printouts per visit.  

Vantaa free of charge 20 pages/customer.

Helsinki: €0,40/page (3D prints €0,70). The library will not return any unused money left in the printing service.

Kauniainen €0,40/page

The libraries also have rooms which can be rented for events. You can find the rent prices for these rooms in each library's own services. 

Products for sale

Bags €1–5

Books withdrawn from the collections €0,20 – €35,00 / item

Other potential products for sale are priced separately by the library.

Loan periods and fees