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Latest events

The opening of Oodi’s redesigned children’s area

Come celebrate the opening of Oodi’s redesigned children’s area on Sunday, 11 June between 12.00 and 16.00!

Opening day programme:

  • 12.00: Narrative musical performance by Lähi-Idän taidekoulu art school [Satumatto fairy tale rug]
  • 12.00 & 13.30: MooClown clown show [Satumatto fairy tale rug]
  • 12.30–13.30 & 14.30–15.30: Choose your preferred temporary tattoo at the temporary tattoo parlour [balcony]
  • 13.00–15.30 (non-stop): Enchanted map workshop based on Laura Ertimo’s Lumotun maan kartasto [Children's arena]
  • 14.00 (Finnish) &14.30 (Swedish): Kahoot quizzes. Winners get book prizes! [balcony]
  • 15.30: Artist Tuomas Toivonen tells about his artwork & its production and plays field recordings as well as his self-made instruments among the trees. [Satumatto fairy tale rug]
  • You can also use crayons to create a message to Oodi and Helsinki. [main entrance] 

What’s this about a new children’s area?

Over the past year, we have redesigned our children’s area to better meet the needs children of all ages, and now we are finally finished.

Designed by artist Tuomas Toivonen, Lukulehto (‘Reading Grove’) is a magical place to sit down, calm down and listen to whatever story the trees of Helsinki are telling us.

The Skidit collective has designed something exciting for our balcony, where children of all ages get to experience wonder and inspiration.

Can you find three cute bears that have finally woken up from their winter sleep in the area? You might like to curl up next to them, perhaps with your favourite book.

You can soon experience all this and more at Oodi!

Please keep in mind that, despite all the excitement and playfulness, Oodi a library and not a boisterous playground. The library staff cannot monitor children’s activities, so please supervise your children at all times to help ensure that everyone’s experience in the area is pleasant and safe.

We hope to see you at Oodi!

Photo: Daniel Leiviskä /City of Helsinki

Children's arena, 3rd floor (Helsinki Central Library Oodi)

6/11/2023 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Last updated 6/8/2023