Vantaa to open its self-service libraries

Vantaa will open its self-service libraries to clients at the turn of August-September 2021.

A self-service library is a library with a system that allows clients to use the library by themselves. These libraries can also be used outside normal operating hours. Vantaa's self-service libraries are: Kivistö Library, Länsimäki Library, Point Library, and Pähkinärinne Library.

Clients can access a self-service library during self-service hours by entering their library card and PIN in the reader situated on the library's outdoor. You can, for instance, borrow and return material, pick up your reserved items, and read the self-service libraries’ materials.

Self-service libraries’ opening hours in fall 2021

Kivistö as of September 6: Mon-Thurs at 7:00-13:00, Tue-Wed at 7:00-10:00, Fri at 7:00-9:00, Sat at 7:00-16:00

Länsimäki Library as of August 30: Mon-Wed 8:00-13:00, Sat at 9:00-16:00

Point Library as of September 5: Sun at 7:00-16:00

Pähkinärinne Library as of August 31: Tue, Wed, Thurs at 7:00-12:00

The employees' service hours and self-service hours are specified on each library's own website. More info on libraries and services.

When visiting the self-service library, observe social distancing. We recommend that over-12-year-olds wear a face mask. Observe good hand hygiene; the premises offer hand sanitizer or a place to wash your hands. Remember to come to the library only when you are healthy.

Photo: Dani Rönnqvist