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Baking with 3D printed cookie cutters

In December you can 3D print cookie cutters for the holiday season in Espoo City Libraries. We will also run workshops for 3D-modelling cutters and then tinally baking workshops of gingerbread cookies with the 3D printed cutters.

When you have 3D printed your cookie cutter, you can reserve a baking time from Mon 12.12. on the list on the wall of the library. Tapiola Library will offer baking workshops on Thursday Dec 15th, Monday 19th and Tuesday the 20th. There are only limited amount of spaces. The library will offer gingerbread dough, frosting and the necessary tools.


  • You can reserve a 3D printer for a time of your choice in the library of your choice from 
  • Ready and free to use 3D models can be searched and downloaded from Thingiverse website. Our printers use the .stl file format. 
  • Modelling your own cutters is quite easy. Try a safe and free to use Tinkercad 3D-modelling software. On Mon Dec 12th the library will run a modelling and printing workshop for cookie cutters in Tapiola Library makerspace, read more here.

Image: Ianjohnson, Thingiverse

Tapiola Library

12/15/2022 4:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Last updated 12/19/2022