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Mohammed Latif

Let's discuss the eco-disaster – What has happened?

Let's discuss the eco-disaster – What has happened?
Welcome to listen to a panel discussion on the consequences, losses and damages of the ecological disaster and the ecological debt that Global North owes to the Global South.

The discussion is open to all and will take place in the Mika Waltari room of Töölö library on 28 November at 17:30. The discussion is in English, and interpretation into Finnish is available.

What are the consequences of climate change and the losses and damages of ecological disaster in California (U.S.), Iraq, Guatemala and Sápmi? How are the losses and damages linked to local and global inequalities, colonialism, and capitalism? The panel discussion will also address the ecological debt of the Global North to the countries and peoples of the Global South. Ecological debt refers to a debt that accumulates year by year as the Global North continues to exploit the resources, labor, and land of the Global South. 
The panel discussion is organized by a group of people active in different climate movements (Friends of the Earth, Elokapina/XR Finland and Debt for Climate).

The panelists are:
Kris Clarke, associate professor of social work
Ali, climate activist 
Janne Hirvasvuopio, Sámi influencer and environmental influencer
Somos Sur collective, a decolonizing activist group from Helsinki, bringing the voices of the Global South to the Global North

Photo of the event: @mohammedlatif91

Töölö Library

11/28/2022 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Last updated 11/16/2022