Our music collections are the largest among Finnish public libraries.<br>

Sound recordings, sheet music, music books and magazines, e-materials

Our music collections

Helmet music collections are the largest among Finnish public libraries with 400 000 sound recordings, 70 000 sheet music items, 35 000 music books and 10 000 music video recordings. We also have dozens of music magazines available. Spread across almost every branch library in the Helmet area, they cover all genres and time periods.

Our collections are easily accessible through Helmet Catalog Search. Its Classic Catalog Search is a particularly useful tool when searching for music. With it you can browse the catalog for titles in alphabetical order, which is a very handy option when you need quickly to find a specific recording or sheet music item among the many others bearing the same title.


In the national eLibrary you can easily find all the e-books available in the Helmet e-collection. By clicking E-books => Nonfiction => Music on the main menu you will have access to dozens of music books and sheet music items under various topics. Try clicking for example Band historics and biographies.

Naxos Music Library holds plenty of sound and video recordings in many genres.

New music titles

The lists of new Helmet titles are updated daily. Each title remains on its list for two weeks. You can browse the lists on the web page or subscribe to them as RSS feeds.

Haven't we got it yet?

No problem: keep calm and make an acquisition request, and we'll get it for you!

What is Saundiholvi?

A significant part of our music collections is the Helmet Music Archive, also known as Saundiholvi (The Sound Vault). As of now, this internationally remarkable and constantly growing treasure trove of music holds tens of thousands of sound recordings, sheet music items, music books, and video recordings. All of its items are available to and can be requested by you via Helmet Search.

Shelves and classification

In order to keep our shelves organised and help you find what you're after we use these classification systems:

Finnish Public Libraries Classification System (used by the libraries in Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa)

Helsinki City Library Classification System (used by the libraries in Helsinki)