Listen to world music on Naxos Music Library World

Naxos Music Library World lets you explore new music or listen to your favorites in world music easily on your computer or mobile device.

Naxos Music Library World offers a wide selection of music from over 150 countries. There are about 200,000 tracks from over 32,000 artists in the collection, and more are added on a regular basis. The new service includes e.g. the whole catalogue of the Smithsonian Folkways record company.

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Instructions for using Naxos Music Library World

You can use Naxos Music Library World on your computer or mobile device. We recommend that you update your browser to the latest version. More detailed system requirements are displayed on the login page and in the FAQ section of Naxos Music Library World.

Log in to Naxos Music Library World with your library card number. A total of ten users can be logged in to the service simultaneously. When you finish listening, be sure to log out, so the next user can log in.

The library also offers Naxos Music Library (primarily classical music), Naxos Music Library Jazz, and Naxos Video Library, wich is full of videos of operas, ballet, theatre, concerts as well as documentaries. Read more about the other Naxos services.