Frequently asked questions - E-books

What do I need?

A device appropriate for reading (smartphone, tablet or computer), Helmet library card and PIN code and internet connection. If you want to download books onto your device, you will also need an e-book reader software/application. Read the instructions for e-book services.

Can I renew my loans?

In OverDrive e-book service you can renew your loans, if there are no holds on them.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to renew loans in the other e-book services. However, you can borrow the title again immediately after having returned it, if there are no holds on it.

Can I see my e-book loans when I'm logged in to Helmet?

You can't. You can only see your loans on each service's website or app after you have logged in.

Why is there only one license per e-book?

We pay for each and every e-book license separately like we do for each printed book. Our budget is too limited to offer all e-books to everyone simultaneously.

Can I borrow e-books abroad?

You can use our e-book services anywhere in the world via internet connection.

Can I suspend my holds, for example for the duration of a holiday?

You can suspends holds in Ellibs and OverDrive e-book services. You will not get your holds until you undo the suspension, but you will keep your place in the holds queue.

Suspending a hold in Ellibs: Sign in and go to your reservations in My Bookshelf. Then click or tap on Lock my position in the queue. You can determine the date when the locking ends or unlock it yourself.

Suspending a hold in OverDrive: Sign in to your account and go to Holds. Click or tap Suspend hold. Choose the number of days you want the suspension to last, then click on Suspend. You can change or remove the suspension by selecting Edit hold.

How is reading in a browser different from downloading a book?

To read e-books in a web browser, you do not need a separate e-book reader software or application, nor an Adobe account. Books in PDF format cannot be read in a browser. Read more about reading in a browser.

Is it possible to borrow downloadable e-audiobooks?

Yes, you can download audiobooks to Ellibs and OverDrive services’ own applications.

Can I read library's e-books with an e-reader?

You can read the library's e-books with most of the e-reader devices currently available. The device has to support EPUB and PDF formats as well as Adobe DRM. However, Kindle does not support library's e-books as Kindle devices use Amazon's own file and digital rights management formats.

Why are there no page numbers in an e-book?

The number of pages varies depending on the font size and the size of the device's screen.

My library card changed. What happens to my e-book loans and holds?

If your library card has changed, you cannot read your checked-out e-books in a browser or manage your holds, since loans and holds for e-books are not automatically transferred to the new card. However, you can still read the books you have downloaded to an application until the end of the loan period.

You can ask for your OverDrive and Ellibs loans to be transferred from the old card to a new card by sending an email to Please include the numbers of both your old and new library cards.

Unfortunately, the loans and holds in Biblio cannot be transferred from one card to another.

I have lost my right to borrow. Can I still borrow e-books?

If you have lost your right to borrow, you cannot borrow e-books or audiobooks in OverDrive and Ellibs e-book services. If you get notified that your library card or record has been blocked, please log in to the Helmet website and check from your own account your library fines or messages.

How do I make an acquisition request for an e-book?

You can use the Helmet acquisition request form. Address your message to E-Lib.

Why can’t I log in to the e-book service?

Make sure you have typed the library card number (without spaces) and PIN code correctly. If you get notified that your access is blocked etc. or you cannot log in to your own Helmet account either, contact the library staff.

Where can I get help?

If you run into any problems not covered in the instructions, you can reach us by email at Please describe the problem and also tell us what devices and software or apps you were using. In problems pertaining to Ellibs, you can contact Ellibs’ technical support directly at

You can also always ask for help from our staff in the libraries.

What should I do when the service’s website is not working properly?

Try a different browser. We recommend using our e-book services in Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. Clear the browser cache and then try again. Remember that cookies must be allowed as well.

What should I do when an e-book or an audiobook is not working properly?

If there are no holds on the book, return it and borrow it again. If you have downloaded the book onto your own device, try to return it or delete it from the reader application and then download it again. If you are reading or listening in a browser, try using a different browser or clear the cache of your current browser. If you are using a mobile app, try deleting the app and installing it again.

What should I do when I cannot download an e-book?

If problems occur while downloading a book in a browser, try a different browser or clear the browser cache first and then retry.

If problems occur in a reader application, check that you have validated the programme with your Adobe user ID. Try to download the book again. If you receive an error message, copy it to Google and you might find useful tips how to proceed.

Why have my holds disappeared?

If your library card has changed, your library card number has changed as well. The e-book holds and loans you made with the old card do not transfer to the new one.

It is possible to transfer OverDrive’s and Ellib's holds and loans from the old card to the new. You can ask for this by sending an email to Your message should entail the numbers of your old and new library card. Unfortunately, this is not possible in Biblio e-book service.