Listen to jazz on Naxos Music Library Jazz

Naxos Music Library Jazz is a collection of online jazz music with more than 200,000 tracks.

Naxos Music Library Jazz features a selection of jazz from different eras from both large and small record companies. The number of music tracks in the service increases every week. The sound quality of the service is almost the same as that of a CD.

You can search for music, for example, by artist or song, and browse the content by label, artist, composer, or genre.

Log in to Naxos Music Library Jazz

Instructions for using NML Jazz

Log in with your Helmet library card number. Type the number without spaces.

A total of ten users can be logged in to the service simultaneously. When you finish listening, be sure to log out, so the next user can log in to the service.

You can use the service on your computer or mobile device browser with Flash support. We recommend that you update your browser to the latest version. More detailed system requirements are displayed on the login page and in the FAQ section of Naxos Music Library Jazz.

The service also has its own application NML Jazz.

It is possible to create your own playlists in the service. First you need to log in with the personal ID that you can create by selecting Sign up on the Playlists tab. The same playlist ID works in Naxos Music Library and the Naxos mobile apps.

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