The 2018 Little Helmet Reading Challenge

A skilled reader can do anything. When you read you learn to understand different kinds of texts and to find words for your own stories. You will understand different emotions, other people, and history, and learn to know different times and places.

It is never too late to develop your reading skills. You will grow to be a great reader if you keep on practicing. Choose the right books for you and tell your friends about them. Talking about books is fun!

Ready, steady, read!

What kind of goals will you set for yourself? Choose how to do the challenge yourself or set rules together with your class. Challenge another class or the whole school to take the challenge too, or why not even the parents of your class?

Reading challenge for young readers starts for the third time

The Helmet Reading Challenge for Young Readers changed its name for this year and is now called The Little Helmet Reading Challenge. To the reading list we have chosen subjects from the main Helmet Reading Challenge that can be easily completed with children’s books and youth books. The Little Helmet Reading Challenge also fits adults who want a slightly lighter reading challenge.

The 2018 Little Helmet Reading Challenge 

1. A book where someone moves to a new place
2. A book of poetry from your country
3. A book that starts a series
4. The book title has a place in it
5. Read an ebook or listen to an audiobook
6. The book takes place in an imaginary world
7. A book chosen for you by a friend or family member
8. A comic book or magazine
9. A book where someone reads book
10. The book includes a sea or an ocean
11. A sad book
12. A book about a place you have not been to
13. The book title has words in alphabetical order
14. The book has a dragon in it
15. Starting a book that slightly frightens you
16. Someone goes to school in the book
17. Someone gets out of trouble in the book
18. The book cover has a vehicle on it
19. The book has a pet in it
20. The book is connected to a game
21. A non-fiction book
22. The book title is just one word
23. A book in which I would like to be the protagonist
24. A book published in 2018
25. A book recommended by library personnel or a teacher

Printable version of the reading challenge.

Pieni Helmet-lukuhaaste

Helmets lilla läsutmaning

Малый литературный вызов Helmet 2018

Text by Marjukka Peltonen, Iso Omena library, Henna Ylihärsilä, Ymmerstan koulu ja Heli Haaro, Vanttilan koulu
Translated by Riikka Utriainen, Espoonlahti libraries