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Language Café e-Extra on Skype

Welcome to language café e-Ekstra!

Pasila Library's language café e-Ekstra is a discussion group in Finnish that meets every Monday and Wednesday at 14-16 and every Thursday at 17-19 on Skype (10.1-16.6.2022)

When the situation with the Corona pandemic improves, we can gather again at Pasila library. This is to be announced separately, when it becomes relevant.


Calling Skype to another Skype address is free of charge.

Use this URL:

- A group call is created for the meeting.

1) Get the Skype application

The most convenient way to join the meeting is to use the Skype application. Use your browser and type in the URL above to join.

The Skype app can be installed for free on your computer or smartphone. It can be downloaded from

- You can then create your own Skype ID, if you do not already have it.

2) Participate without installed Skype application.

You can also join the meeting without the Skype application installed by using the URL above. Type your name when asked. (Unfortunately this does not work with all browsers - in that case use the Skype application)

If you need help with the technical, send an email to this address:

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Skype (Multilingual Library, Pasila Library)

5/25/2022 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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