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Star Wars Day Online Event

Star Wars Day on May 4th ("May the fourth be with you"), started by fans and adopted by the production company, has been celebrated in libraries for some years now. This spring the celebration will take place online, as physical events in the library space is not possible at the moment.

The Helmet Library's Star Wars Day Online Event contains contests , gems of the library collection, online puzzle game and so much more to watch and participate in. The programme contains something for all ages from little droids to more mature jedi knights!

 > The event programme is also available in Finnish, Swedish and Russian. 

On this page can be found:

  • Star Wars gems from the library collections
  • Star Wars themed writing and costume contest results
  • Star Wars themed activities for all ages
  • On the day a selection of programmes from role playing to music and challenging quiz to participatory video game stream.

Direct links to programmes and intructions on how to access the online games and other activities can be found below. Videos will be up and games available at least until Sunday May 9th. 



Browse and reserve Star Wars themed collections to be picked up from your nearest library:


Create your own jedi knight! - a writing contest 14.4.-28.4.
Greetings, you Star Wars fan, you! It's time to awaken your imagination and create your own jedi knight. What are your warrior's skills? Who do they fight against? Tell us a story of your jedi and may the best story win! The contest entry period is now over. Thank you to all the participants. 
 > The best stories and the winner can be enjoyed HERE.

Interstellar improvised costume contest 14.4.-28.4.
Create your own closet cosplay: build a costume of a Star Wars character from items and materials found at home. Take a picture of someone wearing the costume. The use of official or ready made costumes is forbidden, so the costume must be self-built. The contest entry period is now over. Thank you to all the participants. 
 > The winner and other great costumes have been collected to a virtual gallery, which you can enjoy HERE
 > Everyone can still post their costume pic on their own social media with #SWhelmet #SWpukukilpailu



Activity material for kids 

Jedi Apprentice Adventure online game 

Come get to know the Force and the teachings of the Jedi in this online puzzle game created by Helmet Libraries. The game contains perplexing quests in various corners of the galacy and only by playing will you find out what your journey with the Force could be. The game requires literacy. The game will be available also in Finnish, Swedish and Russian. The game will be available at least for the rest of the week. Help us, you may be our only hope! The game is available all summer long. 

Start the game: 

  1. go to 
  2. choose from the menu, language: English 
  3. select, “player” 
  4. enter in the code: C75C73

The Secret Sith Temple -online escape room
Love puzzles? This Star Wars themed virtual escape room can be played alone or in a group. All is possible for the human brain, but if you can utilize the Force, you may have an edge! Game does not require Jedi Master level of knowledge.
 > Set on the adventure by clicking HERE.


@10AM-12PM  Star Wars -quiz for masters, padawans need not bother!
A challenging trivia game for Star Wars fans. Test how well you know the movies and their backgrounds after all. The most knowledgeable ones will be rewarded! You can log into the game on the website The game is available also in Finnish, Swedish and Russian. 
 > Play in English with the code: 8F356D

@3PM-4PM Galactic wordsmithery and music 
Vantaa City Library organizes a YouTube live stream where you are invited to co-create interstellar wordings and create a song, which culminates into a spacial auditory delight in the hands of the musical jedi of Tikkurila library. Welcome to a planetary play with words and music in the spirit of Star Wars! This programme will be mainly in Finnish. 
 > A recording of this session is not available because of technical reasons.

@4PM-5PM Warrior Cats conquer space – Miau the force be with you
The popular weekly Finnish language Warrior Cats themed Instagram Live show from Tikkurila Library visits Entresse library and outer space! To celebrate Star Wars Day this live will focus on cats and space - whatever could that even mean? Well, at least wild space cat memes, space and cat themed story recommendations and cosmic athmosphere in the stardust of Jukeboksi at Entresse Library. This programme will be mainly in Finnish.
 > Watch the recording on Tikkurila Library Instagram

@6PM-8PM Star Wars: The Old Republic video game stream
Star Wars: The Old Republic is BioWaren developed and EAn & LucasArtsin released massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), which was released in 2011. Set in the world of Star Warsin long before the evens in the films, this game is rated for 16yrs or older and is playable online for free. The game provides eight character classes, each of which has a unique exhilirating storyline. In-game choices determine whether the player will wane to the side of the republic or the empire: which side of the force they will commit themselves to?

You are invited to get to know the game more through an Espoo Library video game stream. As audience, you get to participate in the choices the character makes, but you can leave these comments only if you log in to the Twitch platform. We do not recommend this stream for anyone under the age of 16, because of the age rating of the game. The game content will be in English, but metadiscussions of the game will at least in part take place in Finnish.
 > Watch the recording from this link

@6PM-10PM Star Wars role playing sessions
Ode Library's Oneshot tabletop roleplay club will celebrate Star Wars day with three online role play games. The games will be announced and signup will take place from April 20th onwars in the Oneshot club's Facebook group. You can sign up for a game by commenting on the announcement of that game. To ensure a place in on of these Star Wars sessions, it's recommended to join the Facebook group before the signup begins and actively follow the group announcements.

All games will take place on the "Roolipelit" Discord server. Close instructions and recommended age limits for each game can be found in the annoucement of each game. Everyone is welcome to join, no prior role play experience required. The games will be played in Finnish.

Names of the games and the role playing systems used: 

  • Varjo Tarkintownin yllä (FFG Star Wars)
  • Päällikkö Chirpan kidnappaus (SW5e)
  • Uusi pimeä toivo (Astraterra)  

For more information on the Ode Library's Oneshot roleplay club can be found on:


Give feedback and help us create even greater events in the future:

star wars palautekuva

May the fourth be with you! 

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5/4/2021 10:00 AM

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