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Latest events

Winter break: The library’s tips

Let’s read and play together on the winter break!

Helmet challenges – relaxation and playfulness for reading, games, films and music

The Little Helmet Reading Challenge is a 25-point reading challenge aimed particularly at children, young people and families. You have the whole year to complete it, but maybe you could start on your winter break?

Little Helmet Reading Challenge >

In addition to the reading challenges, you can also take on the music, film or game challenges.

Helmet challenges for 2021 >

Reading Coach Junior – books tips for your free time and the right books for you

Subscribe to e-mail coaching or order a bag of books to be picked up from the library. You can see a list of participating libraries in the article.

Reading Coach Junior >

Helmet Reading Diploma – find the right books for you

Book tips for readers of different ages. Even if you do not wish to complete the diploma, you can still find books that may interest you. You can reserve the book you want via the Helmet Reading Diploma.

Helmet Reading Diploma >

Photo: City of Helsinki / Maarit Hohteri

2/22/2021 - 2/28/2021

Last updated 2/12/2021