Customers in the library.

Changes in library’s notifications

You will receive notifications and reminders from the Helmet Library as text messages, by email and post. Please update your contact info and make an environmentally friendly choice on how to receive mail from your library.

Changes in notifications for reservations

Notifications for reservations from Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa libraries will be sent as free-of-charge text message, by email or by post beginning 13 May, 2020.

Notifications for reservations from Helsinki libraries will be sent by email or by post. Text message service is currently under development.

The previously used and chargeable text message service has been terminated on 12 May, 2020. 

Other notifications

All due date notifications will be sent only by email two days prior to due date. Reminders of overdue material from any library will still be sent by email or by post.

Take action now:

  • •    Log in on and check your contact info (Edit account). 
  • •    Add mobile phone number with Finland’s land code (e.g. +358501234567) to activate the library’s text message service. 
  • •    Check also your email address to receive due date notifications.

You can have your contact info updated also in your library’s customer service. Please remember to take your identification card with you.

Library card and loans.

Photo: Maart Hohteri