Current data protection issues

The enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation started on 25 May 2018 (EU 679/2016). The regulation stresses the protection of the individual in processing personal data as well as the individual’s right to review their own data and request that the data be corrected, if necessary. The data controller must also prove that they have observed the orders of the regulation in their operations.

The Helmet libraries’ description of the personal data file has been updated. You can view the description here.

If you want to view your own data, you can have access to most of it by logging into your own account using your library card number and PIN. If you do not have a PIN yet, you can access it at the library by providing proof of your identity. In your own account, you can view the contact details you have given the library, material you have reserved or loaned as well as unpaid fees. Your own account will not display information used for statistical purposes or checking the age limits for loaned materials, such as your date of birth.

You can also ask customer service personnel at any Helmet library to show you the information that has been stored about you in the library’s customer register. You will be provided with access to the information once you have provided proof of identity.

You can also request information on your own personal data in accordance with instructions issued by the city of your residence. In Helsinki, you can do this electronically at asiointi.hel.fi and in other Helmet cities (Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen) by contacting the city’s registry. The contact details are listed here.

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