Helmet Music Challenge 2020

Since 2015, the Helmet Reading Challenge has inspired people to find something new and interesting to read and to share it with others. In 2018, music lovers were also invited to look for new listening experiences, both independently and with others. The challenge was met with enthusiasm and more than 800 participants immediately joined the Helmet Music Challenge group on Facebook. 

It is now time for a new Music Challenge. This year’s list has been compiled by the employees of the Helmet music libraries and the participants of the previous year’s challenge. We present to you 50 new ways to select what to listen to from the abundant world of music.

Here we go again, come along!

What is the Music Challenge?

The year-long Music Challenge encourages you to listen to 50 songs, compositions, releases, albums or compilations that you have never heard before.

For whom?

The Music Challenge is suitable for anyone, and everyone can tackle it in their own way, either by staying safely in their comfort zone or by heading bravely into uncharted territories. You can also complement the Challenge with concerts and gigs. The challenge is an excellent way to update your musical knowledge, gain new experiences, test or broaden your tastes and to simply enjoy music!


Just like in the Reading Challenge, you can listen to new music at your own pace but you can also follow the given order week by week. The library staff will also give weekly listening tips in the Music Challenge group on Facebook. Join the group to share your listening experiences and chat with other Music Challenge participants! 

Start diving for musical pearls! Find the pleasure of listening, throw yourself into the world of music, take up the Music Challenge!

Helmet Music Challenge 2020

1. Music performed by a trio

2. Baroque music

3. Music or an album released in 1970

4. An album with a hand on its cover

5. Music related to water

6. Sámi music

7. An Oscar-winning soundtrack

8. An Icelandic composer, band or artist

9. Finnish rap

10. Music that you find dramatic

11. Music by an artist who passed away in 2019

12. An album with a painting or a drawing on its cover

13. Music that is partially or fully performed in a dialect

14. Music related to food

15. Easter-themed church music

16. Music that includes laughter

17. A rock album with a photo of the band on the cover

18. A cuplé

19. Spring music

20. African traditional music

21. Spanish classical guitar music

22. Music by an artist who you think is undervalued

23. Jazz by a musician born in 1920

24. Music from Latin America

25. Finnish waltz or wartime songs

26. Music that includes yodelling

27. Children’s music performed by children

28. Poems set to music

29. A piece of music under a minute in length

30. Marine-themed music

31. Music by an ensemble that includes musicians from different continents

32. Music performed by a Finnish artist in a foreign language

33. Music based on fairy tales

34. An album released by the record label Ondine

35. Music that includes nature sounds

36. Klezmer music

37. A duet performed by a female and a male singer

38. Music by a composer born in 1820

39. A punk classic

40. Music where animals are imitated

41. Fado music

42. A musical work where the moon plays the main role

43. Video game music

44. Choral music by Thomas Tallis

45. Music about birth

46. Finnish jazz

47. An album or music released in 2020

48. Black metal

49. Three national or regional anthems

50. Christmas music on the harp

Music Challenge in Finnish

Music Challenge in Swedish 

Music Challenge in Russian 

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