Helmet Reading Challenge 2021

The 2021 Helmet Reading Challenge highlights nature and animals, introduces professions that no longer exist and gets you to read outdoors.

The Helmet Reading Challenge is a playful, year-long reading project that offers you 50 different criteria for choosing what to read next. The 2021 Helmet Reading Challenge is the seventh of its kind in a row. Come explore literature with us!

This time, the challenge includes reading books where the world is changing (8) and books where the protagonist’s life is changing (29). We will also be looking for an author whose first and last name begin with the same letter (9) and a book with two authors (25). Challenge items 47 and 48 also form a pair this year, and you need to read two books on the same subject for them.

The Reading Challenge was compiled by a group of library professionals, but many of the challenge items were received as suggestions from the participants. This year, experts from the Finnish Centre for Easy Language and Opike have also been involved in planning the Reading Challenge. In cooperation with them, the entire Reading Challenge has been formulated into simple Finnish. We want the Reading Challenge to be available as inspiration for reading to everyone, including those who find reading more difficult.

In case you do not feel like taking on the full list of 50 items, check out the lighter option. As its name suggests, the Little Helmet Reading Challenge is a shorter list of 25 items. The Little Reading Challenge is suitable for children in particular but all readers, both young and old, are of course welcome to participate.

The Reading Challenge is an open invitation to everyone to read with us!

Five key points to success in the reading challenge:

  1. All readers who want to take up the Reading Challenge are welcome to do so.
  2. The Reading Challenge is meant to increase the joy of reading, not cause stress. Feel free to find your own way to participate, a way that inspires you!
  3. Everyone is free to pick their own reading style and make up their own rules for the Reading Challenge. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to use the same book to check off more than one item on the list, focus on a particular genre or only read books you have never read before. If you would like to keep track of your progress, please check out the helpful tools below the list.
  4. As sharing multiplies the joy of reading, why not share your Reading Challenge experience with others? You are welcome to join the Reading Challenge group on Facebook or challenge your friends to participate, so that you can discuss what you read this year.
  5. Help is always available! If you need help to find a suitable book, tips are available from your local library, for example. The Reading Challenge group on Facebook also contains lots of tips on suitable books. Tips are also available on the Helmet webpage Tips and in the literature portal Kirjasampo (available in Finnish and Swedish). Help is also available from the Ask a Librarian service.

Have a great reading year 2021!

Helmet Reading Challenge 2021

1. A book featuring keeping a diary

2. A book written by a teacher

3. A historical novel

4. A book where someone shares their memories

5. A book related to a TV series or a film

6. A book about love

7. A book featuring a group of friends

8. A book where the world is changing

9. A book whose author’s first and last name begin with the same letter

10. A book with a number in its title

11. A book about poverty

12. A book set in the woods

13. A book related to the theatre, opera or ballet

14. A book that is a part of a series

15. A book that has something in common with your own life

16. A book where people live without electricity

17. A book whose title includes the name of the protagonist

18. A book about an LGBT+ family

19. A book featuring playing

20. A book featuring a profession that no longer exists or that is rare

21. A book related to a specific season

22. A book featuring cycling

23. A book that you read outdoors

24. A book whose title includes a question mark or exclamation mark

25. A book written by two authors

26. A biography of a person who is still alive

27. A book whose protagonist is an animal

28. A book that is useful for you to read

29. A book whose protagonist’s life is changing

30. A book published after the author’s death

31. A thriller or a mystery

32. A book with a cat on the front or back cover description

33. A book that teaches a skill

34. A book where nature is observed

35. A book you have been waiting for

36. A book featuring travel through time

37. A book with a character whose work is important to the story

38. A well-translated book

39. A book featuring listening to music

40. A book about animal rights

41. A book featuring travel by train

42. A fairytale book

43. A book that does not reveal the name of the protagonist

44. A book including recipes

45. A book written by a Nordic author

46. A book featuring eating treats

47–48. Two books on the same subject

49. A book published in 2021

50. A book recommended by a member of the library staff

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Help with the Reading Challenge:

A printable version of the Reading Challenge

Tables for monitoring your progress

Helmet Reading Challenge on Facebook

Book tips

Materials for libraries, bloggers and the media

The Reading Challenge in other languages:

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Text: Riikka Utriainen, Espoo City Library