Library services in the summer

The services of Helmet libraries return to almost normal in June. The opening hours and services available in the summer vary by library, so we recommend you check them from your local library or the libraries’ websites.

Restrictions on the number of allowed visitors remain in place. All libraries have ensured safe distances by the service counters by re-arranging furniture, for example. When necessary, the employees may restrict the number of customers in the library premises.

Please maintain a safe distance of 1–2 metres to both the employees and other customers.


Espoo’s large regional libraries and Pikkulaiva Library will have normal opening hours from 1 June onwards. However, other local libraries will still have exceptional opening hours, The mobile libraries will not operate between 22 June and 2 August. See all opening hours here

The workshop facilities and the related equipment are not available, but the music studios can be used by persons who have already received an introduction to the studios. Workstations should only be used for official business. Printing is possible.

The seats in the reading halls have been reduced to half to ensure safe distances. The library facilities can be booked, but meeting room reservations for over 50 people are not possible. The performance stages are also unavailable.

Children and young people can use the facilities intended for them, but they should be supervised more carefully than in normal circumstances. Families and schoolchildren can participate in the Treasure Hunt which includes various exercises related to reading and summer. You may even get a small prize!


The summer opening hours for Helsinki libraries will be valid from 1 June to 9 August. An increased number of libraries throughout Helsinki will also be open at summer weekends.

In addition to Central Library Oodi, the following libraries will be open on Sundays: Malmi, Pitäjänmäki, Roihuvuori, Töölö and Vallila. Some Helsinki libraries will also reserve an hour or two specifically for those in the risk groups.

Visits to Suomenlinna library are possible only when staff are present.

In addition to the basic services, meaning borrowing and returning items and picking up reservations, customers can also use the customer computers, print, copy and scan, read magazines and newspapers, work, study, and book meeting or groupwork rooms and equipment. The bookable facilities will be kept at a 50-per-cent capacity compared to normal circumstances.

We recommend favouring self-service and the borrowing/return terminals. Situations where customers need to be guided in close contact will be kept as brief as possible while paying attention to safe distances. Only some Helsinki libraries will accept cash, and customers are asked to pay by card whenever possible.

The evening routes of the mobile library will be on a five-week break starting from Midsummer. You can spot the mobile library at playgrounds, beaches, parks or markets during the summer. The operations will be implemented ‘pop-up style’ and all business will be conducted outside the mobile library, similarly to a kiosk.



Kauniainen Library will be open Mon–Fri 11 am–5 pm from 1 June to 16 August. The self-service library is not available.

There is a limited number of seats in the library and prolonged stays are not recommended. Customers are asked to use the available self-service opportunities as much as possible. Digital guidance that requires close contact on the customer computers is not possible. Children’s playroom is not available.


The summer opening hours for Vantaa libraries will be valid from 1 June to 9 August. In June, most libraries will be open Mon–Thu 9 am–8 pm and Fri 9 am–4 pm. Some libraries will also be open on Saturdays 9 am–4 pm, but the self-service library will not be available in the summer. In July, only the Tikkurila, Myyrmäki, Hakunila and Koivukylä libraries will be open. The mobile libraries will not operate between 1 June and 2 August.

Only basic services, such as borrowing and returning items and picking up reservations, are available. There is a limited number of customer computers, but printing and scanning is possible. Digital guidance that requires close contact on the customer computers is not possible. Bookable facilities will be unavailable until further notice.

We recommend using the available self-service opportunities and terminals. Libraries will also produce various remote events in the summer.

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