Loan services to resume in Helmet libraries in phases

It is possible to pick up reserved items and borrow and return items in some Helmet libraries already on Friday 8 May. New reservations can be made from Monday 11 May onwards.

According to the policy laid out by the Government on Monday 4 May, picking up books and other material from libraries can begin immediately as a “take away” loan service. Loan services will resume in Helmet libraries in phases on 8 May.

From 8 May onwards, it is possible to borrow and pick up reserved items from the following libraries of Helsinki: Etelä-Haaga, Kallio, Laajasalo, Malmi, Paloheinä, Pasila, Roihuvuori, Töölö, Vallila, Viikki and Central Library Oodi. Other libraries of Helsinki will be opened in phases from 11 May onwards. 

It is possible to borrow and pick up reserved books from the libraries of Espoo from 11 May onwards. 

Reserved items and a small selection of other materials can be borrowed from the Kauniainen City Library from 11 May onwards. 

In Vantaa, only reserved items can be borrowed from 11 May onwards from the libraries of Hakunila, Koivukylä, Lumo, Martinlaakso, Myyrmäki, Point, Pähkinärinne and Tikkurila.

Please check the opening hours of the libraries from their web pages. 

Returning a loan 

Books and other items can already be returned to the return boxes or temporary return service points of some libraries of Helsinki and Vantaa as well as the Kauniainen City Library. In Espoo, items can be returned from Monday 11 May onwards. 

Read about reservations: 

Use the services safely and swiftly 

It is possible to use the services of libraries more extensively and without hurry from 1 June onwards, so please do not spend too much time in libraries in May and favour item borrowing and return machines instead of using the services of a librarian. Access to any areas that are not necessary for the continuation of loan services will be restricted in May. In other words, you are not allowed to use the computers of the library, spend time reading magazines or access the reading hall. No events are arranged in libraries during this period, either. Only the basic services of picking up reserved items and borrowing and returning items are available. 

Special attention is paid to the safety of customers and our staff. In order to prevent coronavirus infections, we wish that our customers maintain particularly good hand hygiene and stay a safe distance away from other customers and the staff. You should not visit a library if you are ill. 

In Central Library Oodi and the Töölö library in Helsinki, the first two hours of business days (8–10 a.m.) are reserved for people who belong to a high-risk group. 

Photo: Andrey Shadrin