Hyvää talven juhla-aikaa!

Opening hours during Christmas and New Year

There are some exceptions to the normal opening hours during Christmas and new year. Check the opening hours on your own library’s pages. There are no reservation pick-up dates when the library is closed.

  • 24 December all libraries are closed except Entresse Library in Espoo and Kallio Library in Helsinki.
  • Libraries are closed 25 December through 26 December.
  • 27 December through 30 December libraries are open as usual. On New Year’s Eve many libraries close earlier than usual, and all libraries are closed 1 January.
  • 5 January most libraries close earlier than usual. 6 January all libraries are closed except for Oodi, Entresse Library and Sello Library. Kibecon anime convention takes place in Sello 5 January through 6 January.

There may be some changes also in the opening hours of self-service libraries during holidays. Please check each library page for the information.

With Helmet library card and PIN code you have unlimited access to Helmets e-materials during holiday season, every day.

Happy holidays!