Saunalahden kirjasto

Saunalahti Library becomes the tenth self-service library in Espoo

The self-service hours began at Saunalahti a week ago, making it the tenth self-service library in Espoo. To access the library during the self-service hours, use the device by the door to scan your library card and enter your PIN code.

Saunalahti Library’s self-service hours: Fridays at 18–20, Saturdays at 7–20 and Sundays at 7–22. Until now, the library’s opening hours have not met the demand, and the number of residents in the area is still growing.

No library staff is present during the self-service hours, but the premises are monitored with cameras, for example. You can check out and return materials, use public computers, read newspapers and magazines, or work and hold meetings, for example. The library has a WiFi network.

We warmly welcome both existing and new patrons!

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Eeva Jäppinen, Library Service Manager, Espoonlahti area
Marjut Saloniemi, Communications Specialist, Espoo City Library