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Select makerspace services at Espoo libraries will be opened for self use

On August 10th, some of the makerspace services at Espoo city library will be opened for customers to use by themselves. Starting from Monday, customers can use some 3D printers, sewing machines and digital workstations. The availability of specific services can be seen at Varaamo service at starting from Monday. Reservations for using the services by yourself can also be made at Varaamo.

Espoo city library follows the official safe distance guidelines given by health authorities. For this reason we cannot offer personal guidance on how to use the services, instead use of services is based on customers working by themselves and following instructions provided at hand. Please keep this in mind when you are making reservations for services.

The services which usually need most guidance from staff are not in use until further notice. The woodworking area of Iso Omena library is also closed for the time being.

Services of Espoo City Library follow the covid situation and official guidelines. For this reason our services can change with short notice, so please remember to check the current situation from library web pages or kindly ask from our staff.